The European Joint Master Degree is an initiative involving european universities that emerged from the Erasmus Mundus programme.

This imply:
– A Joint Master programme among the Universities Autónoma de Madrid, Valencia, Toulouse, Perugia, Groningen and Leuven.
– A two years master -120 ECTS- the first year done at National level, the second in common courses among the 7 universities.
– Possibility to apply to the grant programme for non-europeans and europeans students.


The Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling master is an inter-university program in which participate 14 different spanish universities. Applications can be made at any of these 14 institutions and fees will variate depending on the university. The master also offers different grant programs to which the students can apply.

First year (60 ECTS) is done in common courses among the 14 Spanish universities.
Second year (60 ECTS) is done in international courses organised together with the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master

All the research groups participating in this national program present a high prestige at the national level, in fact, spanish research groups in Spain have made a major boost to Theoretical Chemistry, showing a high quality performance.
This master aims to unite efforts in offering an excellent and common scientific background to all the students from these 14 spanish universities.